QU Jian

ž PhD. in Economics of Nankai University

ž Professor and Postdoctoral Researcher in Economics

ž Registered Consulting Engineer

ž Vice President of China Development Institute (CDI)

ž Expert Commissioner of Ministry of Commerce of China

ž SEZ Consultant of Asian Development Bank

ž Special Governmental Allowance Receiver for Outstanding Contribution


In 1992, Dr. Qu joined China Development Institute (CDI), a China’s top think tank based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, which aims to conduct high-quality and independent researches to provide innovative insight and practical recommendation for decision makers of government, business and NGOs. Since joining CDI, Dr. Qu has served several positions successively, including Director of SEZ and Regional Development Department, Assistant President and Vice President.

Dr. Qu specializes in industrial economy, regional development strategy and development of special economic zones and industrial parks. During his career of more than 25 years, he hosted more than 100 research projects for public policy makers, as well as various feasibility studies of regional development and investment for the enterprises of foreign and domestic. Since 2012, Dr. Qu and his team provided consultation on master planning, industrial planning, spatial planning, investment feasibilities and legislation proposals for special economic zones and industrial parks in many countries, including Ethiopia, India, Republic of Congo, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and others. These projects are highly appraised by international organizations and the host country government.

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