Liu Zuozhang

Executive Vice President and Secretary General of

China Council for International Investment Promotion

Mr. Liu Zuozhang currently serves as Executive Vice President and Secretary General of China Council for International Investment Promotion, Non-Executive Director of China Reform Holdings Corporation LTD (CRHC), Board Member of CNIC Corporation LTD, Member of Expert Tank of China Center for International Economic Exchanges, Member of the Advisory Committee on Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China Society for World Trade Organization Studies. He has once served as the Secretary of General Office of Ministry of Urban and Rural Construction and Environment, the Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, the Secretary of the Secretariat of CPC Central Committee, the Deputy Director General of Department of Foreign Investment Administration of Ministry of Trade and Economic Cooperation and Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the Economic and Commercial Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy to Australia, the Director General for Investment Promotion Agency of Ministry of Commerce and the Inspector of Department of Foreign Investment Administration of Ministry of Commerce. He graduated from Department of Economy of Peking University, majoring in world economy, and had advanced studies in Japan on the theme of Japanese investment in China and attended the senior business management AMP program (Session 156) of Harvard Business School in the United States.

China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP) is a national investment promotion agency approved by the State Council, registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs and formally founded on July 25, 2006. CCIIP is a non-profit social organization with the independent legal personality.

CCIIP is composed of investment promotion agencies across the nation, business promotion departments of various development zones, enterprises, financial and investment institutions, professional service providers, public institutions and social groups, research institutions, experts and scholars.

The missions and responsibilities of CCIIP include: to implement the national investment promotion strategies of “bringing in” and “going global”; to establish a national platform and professional mechanisms for investment promotion, multilateral and bilateral cooperation mechanisms and partnership with relevant international organizations; publicize diversified investment promotion products and hold all sorts of investment promotion activities; to provide efficient service and practical solutions for foreign enterprises investing in China, Chinese enterprises investing overseas, Chinese and foreign enterprises jointly investing in the third countries and investment cooperation between the eastern, central and western China.

At present, CCIIP has set up 10 subsidiary branches, 4 liaison offices and has over 300 members.

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