Gao Wei

Vice President of Chinasoft International Company Internet ITS Group, Executive Director of China Computer Industry Association, Deputy Director of The Enterprise Informatization Standards Working Committee of Chinese Electronics Standardization Association

Mr. Gao is responsible for JointForce cloud computing software park ecological environment construction in Chinasoft International Company Internet ITS Group. Longtermly engaged in the industrial application system integration, strategic planning, scientific and technological projects management, domestic fundamental software products (operating system and database) marketing promotion etc. Has been General Manager of Shanghai branch of China Software and Services Co. Ltd, Deputy General Manager of Department of Science and Technology in CSS, Deputy General Manager of China Standard Software Co. Ltd, Vice President of Dameng Database Co. Ltd, and General Manager of Beijing Dameng Company. Participated in the implementation and product promotion of Core Electronic Devices, High-end Generic Chips and Fundamental Software. Promoted the domestic fundamental software NeoKylin ranking first in the domestic operating system market share for five consecutive years. Promoted the domestic Dameng Database application in Travelsky Electronic Ticket System, National Development and Reform Commission, industrial and commercial fields. Presided over and participated in the formulation of consulting general requirements and the knowledge base in "Information Technology Service Advisory Design" of Information Technology Service Standards(ITSS) for Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of The People's Republic of China. Been awarded the second laureate of The Electronic Information Science and Technology Award from Chinese Institute of Electronics.

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