Roundtable on the Development of Intelligent Manufacturing of Development Zones (Invited Only)

——Building Intelligent Eco System

Time: 14:00-17:00, September 28, 2017

Location: Pearl Ballroom 1, the Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou

Scale: Around 50 persons


- China Council for International InvestmentPromotion (CCIIP)

- China Association of DevelopmentZones


-National level development zones

- Key Provincial development zones


This year, "The Notice of State Councilon measures to promote the growth of foreign investment (2017)No. 39" , "TheNotice of State Council on the Measures of Opening Wider to the Outside Worldand Making use of Foreign Investment (2017) No. 5",  "Several Advise of the General Office of StateCouncil on Promoting the Reform and Innovative Development of Development Zones(2017)No. 7", have put forward new demands on the transformation of theDevelopment Zones, particularly pointing out the direction of how to realizethe intelligence centering on the construction of high-end industrial systems. Therefore,this seminar invites some development zones with some foundation in intelligentmanufacturing aspect to explore how to build intelligent eco systems.


ModeratorZhou  Ming, Executive Vice President of CCIIP


The Moderator Introducing the Agenda and Important  Guests


Address by the Former Vice Minister of MOFCOM, Mdm Ma Xiuhong


Speech by Secretary General of China Association of  Development Zones, Guan Rong


The Developing Trends  Analysis of Global Intelligent Manufacturing Industry

--Yu Yan, Partner of Ernst  & Young Advisory


Introductory speeches by  Guangzhou development zones, Tianjin development zones, Shanghai Minhang  development zones etc.


Free Discussion

Note: The agendais subject to change.

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