Seminar on the “Belt and Road” Initiative and Cooperation in Services

——The New StrategicOpportunities for the International Cooperationof Modern Service Industries

Time13:30-17: 00, September 29, 2017

LocationPearl Ballroom 2,the Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou

OrganizersChina Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

Infrastructure E-bidding Council, China BuildingMaterials Circulation Association

ObjectiveThe core content of the “Belt and Road” initiative is to promote theinfrastructure construction and interconnectivity, deepen pragmaticcooperation, and achieve common prosperity. Over the past four years, the “Beltand Road” construction has smoothly progressed and achieved great success inthe aspects of policy communication, facility connectivity, unimpeded trade, currencycirculationand people-to-people bonds. The seminar on the “Belt and Road”Initiative and cooperation in Services will be especially set on ChinaSourcingSummit 2017 with the aim of exploring the prospects of internationalcooperation of modern service industries under the “Belt One Road” and thesignificance of modern service industries in speeding up the interconnectivity.


ModeratorLi Shaojun, Deputy Secretary General & Director of Industry  Development Department, CCIIP


Moderator introducing the agenda and  important guests

Part 1The  Cooperation Prospects for Modern Service Industries on the Basis of  Infrastructure Interconnectivity


Keynote speech IPolicy Interpretation  of the “Belt and Road” Initiative

——Song Gongmei, Deputy  Director of International Cooperation Center, National Development and Reform  Commission


Keynote speech IIThe Development Opportunities of China’s Service Outsourcing Industries  Under the “Belt andRoad” Initiative

——Mao Yanhua, Deputy  Dean of Research Institute of Free Trade Zone of Sun Yat-sen University


Keynote speech IIIThe New Cooperation Opportunities Between China and Poland

——Dr Andrzej  Juchniewicz, Chief Representative in China, Polish Investment and Trade  Agency

Part 2The  Developing vision of China’s Traditional Industries under the “Belt and Road”  Initiative


Keynote Speech IV”Internet +” helping the Transformation and  Upgrading of Building Materials Industrythe “Belt and Road” Initiative  Steering Building Materials Industry to Go Global

——Qin  Zhanxue, Executive Chairman of China Building Materials Circulation  Association


Keynote Speech VOptimizing Global Layout by Making Use of the “Belt and Road”  Initiative

——Chai  Xiaona, Deputy Director of Overseas Business Department of China  Metallurgical Group Corporation


Keynote Speech VIThe  “Belt and Road” Construction Accelerating the International Pace of Household  Appliance manufacturing Industry

——Wang  Yuechun, President of Sichuan ChangHong Electric Co., LTD

Part 3The New  Opportunities for Information Service Enterprises to Exploit Off-shore Market


Keynote Speech VII: The New  Opportunities of Exploring Overseas Market for China’s Information Service  Industry by Depending on the “Belt and Road” Initiative

——Fang  fahe, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone


Keynote Speech VIIIPromoting the Quality  of Import and Export Products and Improving the Level of Foreign Trade

SpeakerYu Xuedong, President of  Beijing D9ing Institute of Information Engineering Co., Ltd

Part 4Panel  Discussion


Panel DiscussionThe Implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative & the  International Cooperation of Modern Service Industries

ModeratorMao Yanhua, Deputy Dean of Research Institute of Free Trade Zone  of Sun Yat-sen University


          -Wang Yuechun, President of Sichuan ChangHong Electric Co., LTD

          - Yu  Xuedong, President of Beijing D9ing Institute of Information Engineering Co.,  Ltd

          - Fang fahe, Executive Vice President of iSoftStone


Free Discussion

NoteThe agenda willbe adjusted according to the practical situation.

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