The Official Releasing of Report on Ten Year's Development of China's Service Outsourcing Industry from 2006 to 2015

In 2016, with the support of officials of the Ministry of Commerce and thanks to the help of all concerned, China Council for International Investment Promotion(herein after referred to as CCIIP) launched research about ten years’development of China’s service outsourcing industry. During the period ofresearch, the feedback from all parties provided valuable data support and referencefor the working team. On the basis of research, CCIIP and China Service Outsourcing Research Center published Report on TenYears’ Development of China’s Service Outsourcing Industry from 2006 to 2016(hereinafter referred to as the Report), and released during the period of CCIIP thetenth executive committee meeting in April 2017.

Basedon the opinions and suggestions after releasing, we published the officialversion of the Report. With the theme of “the upgrading path to intelligenceand digitalization”, the report interpreted the ten years’ development of China’s service outsourcing industry, analyzed the developing trends of globalservice outsourcing and strategic opportunities of China’s service outsourcingindustry, predicted the developing prospects of China’s service outsourcing industry in future ten years and put forward policy suggestions about promotingthe healthy development of service outsourcing industry in the new period.

We are hoping that the report can provide useful reference for making relevant nationalor local strategies and policies.

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