MOFCOM Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services Comments on Service Outsourcing Development Situation in the First Quarter of 2017

Source: Ministry of Commerce of the People’sRepublic of China

On April 18, the Head of MOFCOM Departmentof Trade in Services and Commercial Services made a statement on thedevelopment situation of China's service outsourcing industry in the firstquarter of 2017.

In the first quarter of 2017, the executedvalue of service outsourcing contract was 146.26 billion yuan, with an increaseof 8.7%. Among which, the executed value of offshore service outsourcing was93.4 billion yuan, with an increase of 5.3%.

He pointed out that China's serviceoutsourcing in the first quarter mainly showed the following features:

From the regional development situation,the executed value of offshore service outsourcing in eastern provinces was89.52 billion yuan, with an increase of 4.8% and that of central and westernregions was 3.93 billion yuan, with an increase of 17%. The business growth wasobviously higher than that of the eastern region. Some human resource-intensiveservice outsourcing business has been transferred from eastern region tocentral and western regions, marking an important factor of fast growing of thebusiness in central and western regions.

From the international market, the executedvalue of service outsourcing undertaken by Chinese enterprises from the UnitedStates, the EU and Japan hit 22.04 billion yuan, 14.46 billion yuan and 8.42billion yuan respectively, with an increase of 19.7%, 2.1% and 14.2% year onyear correspondingly. The executed value of service outsourcing undertaken fromHong Kong was 13.86 billion yuan, remaining the same as in the same period lastyear. The proportion of the above markets in China's offshore serviceoutsourcing was 62.9%. The contracted value of service outsourcing newly signedbetween China and the relevant countries of the "Belt and Road" was 26.12billion yuan, and the executed value was 16.41 billion yuan, up 33.9% and 18%respectively, accounting for 17.7% and 17.6% of China's offshore serviceoutsourcing respectively. Among these, the contract value of serviceoutsourcing undertaken from Southeastern countries was 17.08 billion yuan, andthe executed value was 10.94 billion yuan, up 49.4% and 27.8% respectively.

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