Gartner Organizing Analysts to Attend ChinaSourcing Summit 2017

ChinaSourcingSummit 2017, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic ofChina and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, organized by China Councilfor International Investment Promotion, Department of Commerce of ZhejiangProvince and Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce, will be held fromSeptember 28-29, 2017 in Hangzhou.

To build an authoritativeplatform to release the industry trends and help domestic enterprises tounderstand the new trends of global digital economy and service outsourcingindustry, the Summit will continue to authorize Gartner to organize analysts toattend Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum, Analyst Workshop andindustry-oriented seminars. At present, Vice president of Gartner Jim Longwood,Tracy Tsai and the Research Director Tina Tang have confirmed to attend theSummit.

During theSummit, one-on-one analyst meeting will be arranged to help enterprises tobetter solve the problem of medium-to-long development strategy.



Emerging  Research Field

Common Inquiries

Jim  Longwood


1. Adaptive sourcing with innovation, bimodal  and digital

2. Deal sweet-spot  analysis of service providers

3. Roles of MSI-SIAM and  cloud service brokerage (CSB) providers

4. Sourcing of  application and SaaS offerings

5. Engaging with  small(er) service providers

6. Risks in sourcing IT services

1. Applying Advanced Service  Sourcing to Optimize Cost-Effectiveness and Business Value

2. Transform Service  Sourcing to Promote Business Agility

3. Sourcing and Vendor  Relationships Leaders

4. Modernizing Legacy Mission-Critical Applications in Government

Tracy  Tsai


1. Market Guide for  Conversational AI in China

2. IoT global impact

1. Identify and evaluate the opportunity of  new technology, product and market

2. Innovate business and  products to monetize the opportunities brought by Internet of Things

3. Build connected home business  models for technology service providers and enterprises

4. Adopt conversational  AI into your products, business operations and customer service to monetize  the new digital business opportunities

5. Personal devices such as hybrid devices (2-in-1), 3G/4G tablets,  smarpthones and wearables

Tina  Tang

Research Director

1. Market Trends: Market  Trends: China Cloud IaaS Adoption Creates Opportunities for Consulting and  Implementation

2. Competitive Landscape: Infrastructure as a Services China

1. Build and Market Cloud-Based Offerings

2. Exploit IT Services  Market Dynamics

3. Identify Growth  Opportunities across the IT Market

4. Go-to-Market Planning

5. Exploit Vertical-Industry Market Dynamics

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