MOFCOM Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services Comments on Service Outsourcing Development Situation in January-May 2017

Source: Ministry of Commerce of thePeople’s Republic of China

According to the statistics of Ministry ofCommerce, in January-May, the value of service outsourcing undertaken byChinese enterprises were 251.75 billion yuan, up 12.8% year on year. Amongthese, the value of offshore service outsourcing was 161.11 billion yuan, withan increase of 11.7%. The official from the Department of Trade in Services andCommercial Services pointed out that China’s service outsourcing presented theflowing features in January-May:

From the perspective of the internationalmarket, the “One Belt and One Road” market became the highlight. The executedvalue of service outsourcing undertaken from the countries along “One Belt andOne Road” was 28.69 billion yuan, up 36.6% year on year. The U.S. and Europeanmarkets remained steady, and the executed value of service outsourcingundertaken from the U.S. and EU was 36.94 billion yuan and 25.7 billion yuanrespectively, up 14.3% and 15.2%.

From the perspective of business structure,the executed value of knowledge process outsourcing was 59.71 billion yuan, up20.6% year on year. Services like Designing and R&D of animation and onlinegames, medicine and biotechnology R&D with high added value and hightechnical content continued the trend of rapid growth.

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