Jim Longwood


JimLongwood is a Research Vice President in Gartner Research, where he is a memberof the IT services sourcing and vendor management team. Mr. Longwood coversadaptive sourcing life cycle best practices for bimodal, traditional, cloud anddigital IT services options; MSI-SIAM (including some CSB and IT as a broker)for the "run" services; application services (with a focus onconsulting, system integration [SI] and some SaaS); global and Asia/Pacific(APAC) service providers, their offerings and positioning; and offshore countryconsiderations in Asia/Pacific.

Mr.Longwood is a regular presenter at various Gartner events in the region onsourcing strategies, evaluation and selection, MSI/SIAM, contract negotiations,and transition and management of service deals. He has experience in a range ofverticals, including health providers, government, utilities and naturalresources.

Mr.Longwood has more than 39 years of experience in IT systems, which he gained inprivate industry, government, mining, utilities and wholesale distribution. Hespent 22 of these years working for consulting, global services and vendororganizations. In his previous position, he was in Gartner's Consulting group,where he helped clients develop sourcing strategies and prepare outsourcingRFPs, as well as undertaking independent assessments of outsourcing/vendorselection and SI RFPs, contracts and proposals. This included SLA developmentfor several insourced organizations. Prior to joining Gartner, Mr. Longwood wasat Fujitsu and CSC, where he worked as a senior consultant, systems engineer,product marketing manager, solution architect and bid manager, and he assistedwith contract negotiations for various outsourcing and SI deals.

Years of Experience

  • 17 years in     total with Gartner

  • 41 years in     IT industry

  • 10 years in     Government industry

  • 10 years in     Energy & Utilities industry

  • 10 years in     Healthcare industry

  • 15 years in     Technology & Telecommunications industry


  • B.Sc., with     honors, Applied Mathematics, 1974

  • Graduate     diploma, Computer Studies, 1977

Top 5 Issues I Help Clients Address

  • How do I     source professional IT services effectively and quickly in bimodal     scenarios?

  • How do I     integrate new cloud and digital services options into my sourcing     strategy?

  • Which     service providers have suitable offerings to meet my business needs?

  • How     different are sourcing requirements in Asia/Pacific from NA and EMEA?

  • Using an     MSI-SIAM to dynamically deliver an integrated end-to-end multivendor     performance

Roles That Need My Research

  • Sourcing     managers

  • CIOs of     small to midsize enterprises

  • Contracting     managers

  • Application     service managers sourcing C&SI services

Top 5 Vendors I Cover

  • FUJITSU     LIMITED (Consulting and SI services offerings and MSI-SIAM)

  • CSC     (Consulting and SI services offerings and MSI-SIAM)

  • HP Inc.     (Professional and cloud services offerings)

  • Capgemini     (Consulting and SI services offerings and MSI-SIAM)

  • HCL     TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED (Consulting and SI services offerings and MSI-SIAM)

Top 5 Key Initiatives I Cover

  • Applying     Advanced Service Sourcing to Optimize Cost-Effectiveness and Business     Value

  • Transform     Service Sourcing to Promote Business Agility

  • Sourcing and     Vendor Relationships Leaders

  • Modernizing     Legacy Mission-Critical Applications in Government

Common Inquiries I Address

  • Evaluation     and selection best practices

  • Positioning     of service provider offerings, particularly in APAC

  • Contract     negotiation and OLA best practices

  • MSI/SIAM and     CSB considerations

  • Innovation,     bimodal and digital considerations

Emerging Research in My Area

  • Adaptive sourcing     with innovation, bimodal and digital

  • Deal     sweet-spot analysis of service providers

  • Roles of     MSI-SIAM and cloud service brokerage (CSB) providers

  • Sourcing of     application and SaaS offerings

  • Engaging     with small(er) service providers

  • Risks in     sourcing IT services

Top 3 Trends I See in the Market

  • Emergence of     innovation, digital and bimodal services

  • Service     integration requirements in hybrid IT environments

Varying evolution of emerging markets like India andChina

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