Tracy Tsai

TracyTsai is a Research VP with Gartner's Personal Technologies team. She helps bothIT providers and users to grow, evolve and innovate the business by providingadvisory for emerging technologies and business models. Ms. Tsai is also aworkstream lead for global impact core topic under Internet of Things agenda.Her research focus includes personal devices, connected homes, Internet ofThings and conversational AI in China.

Ms.Tsai first joined Gartner in 1996 as a PC analyst. Prior to joining Gartner,she had five years of experience as a Sales Manager in the U.S. She was withAxlon Electronics for two years, marketing home automation, and with Key Powerfor four years, marketing PC components and peripherals.

Years of Experience

  • 20 years in     total with Gartner

  • 26 years in     IT industry

  • 21 years in     Technology & Telecommunications industry

  • 2 years in     Banking, Finance and Insurance industry

  • 2 years in     Education industry

  • 2 years in     Government industry


  • M.B.A.,     Finance, University of Texas, San Antonio

  • B.S.,     Business Administration, University of West Florida, Pensacola

Top 5 Issues I Help Clients Address

  • Identify and     evaluate the opportunity of new technology, product and market

  • Innovate     business and products to monetize the opportunities brought by Internet of     Things

  • Build     connected home business models for technology service providers and     enterprises

  • Adopt     conversational AI into your products, business operations and customer     service to monetize the new digital business opportunities

  • Personal     devices such as hybrid devices (2-in-1), 3G/4G tablets, smarpthones and     wearables

Roles That Need My Research

  • Executive     officers and managers for product R&D, product planning and marketing,     sales and operation management, financial investors and IT leaders in enterprises     planning to adapt new business model to deliver new connected home     services to customers.

Top 5 Vendors I Cover

  • Lenovo Group     Limited

  • Samsung     Electronics Co., Ltd.

  • HP Inc.


  • Dell Inc.

Top 5 Key Initiatives I Cover

  • Build and Market     the Device Portfolio of the Future

  • New Market     Opportunities

  • Product     Strategy

  • Internet of     Things

  • Artificial     Intelligence

Common Inquiries I Address

  • Internet of     Things business model, technologies, business value and use cases by     vertical industries.

  • Conversational     AI technologies, applications, use cases by vertical industries.

  • Connected     home business model, ecosystem, channel, product and go-to-market     strategies.

  • Device     market trend and forecast, product strategy in Asia or worldwide for     hybrid 2-in-1 convertible, detachable notebook and tablet, all-in-one,     tablet.

Emerging Research in My Area

  • Market Guide     for Conversational AI in China

  • IoT global     impact

Top 3 Trends I See in the Market

  • The trend is     shifting to conversational AI first

  • Building a business     model for the connected home

China's internet + strategy will accelerate digitalbusiness

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