TinaTang is a Research Director in Gartner Research, where she covers the ITservices market in China. Key areas of research for Ms. Tang include businessmodels, the Nexus of Forces, digital business, go-to-market strategies, keytrends and vendors. She is responsible for sizing and forecasting this marketand understanding its key accelerators and inhibitors.

Ms.Tang has eight years of experience in the IT and telecom market research andconsulting area. Prior to joining Gartner, she was a Market Analyst at RHK,focusing on market analysis of the telecom infrastructure market inAsia/Pacific, especially in China. Before that, Ms. Tang was a Senior Analystand Project Manager in China Research Cooperation for nearly seven years.There, she was responsible for multiclient and syndicated market consulting andresearch based on all IT and telecom fields throughout China.

Years of Experience

  • 13 years in     total with Gartner

  • 21 years in     IT industry

  • 7 years in     Banking, Finance and Insurance industry

  • 10 years in     Government industry

  • 7 years in     Healthcare industry

  • 8 years in     Manufacturing industry


  • M.B.A., La     Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

  • B.A.,     Chinese Literature, Inner Mongolia Normal University

Top 5 Issues I Help Clients Address

  • Vendors:     China IT services competitive landscape - consulting, implementation, IT     outsourcing

  • Vendor:     Market size and forecast on professional IT services

  • Vendor:     Go-to-market strategies based on digital transformation including business     model changes, technology adoption

  • Vendor:     Disruptive technologies - adoption of cloud computing, big data     applications

  • IT buyers:     Vendor and partner selection and evaluation

Roles That Need My Research

  • Strategic     Planner

  • AR

  • Business     Unit Leader

  • EXP Member

  • Marketing     Intelligence

  • CXO

Top 5 Vendors I Cover

  • Digital     China Limited

  • Neusoft     Corporation

  • Pactera     Technologies Inc.

  • Yonyou     Network Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Founder     Technology Group Corp.

Top 5 Key Initiatives I Cover

  • Build and     Market Cloud-Based Offerings

  • Exploit IT     Services Market Dynamics

  • Identify     Growth Opportunities across the IT Market

  • Go-to-Market     Planning

  • Exploit     Vertical-Industry Market Dynamics

Common Inquiries I Address

  • Chinese IT     services market trends

  • Competitive     landscape

  • Chinese IT     services market opportunities for disruptive technology, including cloud     computing adoption, big data and digital transformation

  • IT services     vendor or partner selection and analysis

  • How to     penetrate and invest in China's service market

  • Market     trends in enterprise solution development and integration

  • Service     providers' business models and go-to-market strategies

  • Chinese     government's general policies, rules and laws in the IT services market

  • IT     sustainability and green IT

Emerging Research in My Area

  • Market     Trends: Market Trends: China Cloud IaaS Adoption Creates Opportunities for     Consulting and Implementation

  • Competitive     Landscape: Infrastructure as a Services China

Top 3 Trends I See in the Market

  • China cloud     IaaS providers compete in global market

  • China MNC go     global help services provider business growth

  • Cloud/Big     data/Digital transformation drive business growth

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