ChinaSourcing Summit 2018 Seminar on Fin-tech Innovation

Time14: 00-17: 40, September 27, 2018

LocationHangzhou Hall 1, Intercontinental Hangzhou


- China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

- Institute of Cloud Computing and Big Data, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

- Deloitte China

ObjectiveWith the financial technologies entering new developing stage, the efficiency of financial services has been greatly improved, and the operating costs of financial institutions have been reduced, and more and more traditional financial institutions, such as commercial banks, have strengthened the layout of financial technologies. With the development of financial technologies, both financial institutions and regulators need the technology support provided by regulation technology. The inherent requirement of China's financial development is constantly forcing and continuing to generate regulatory innovation. The seminar on Financial Services will be especially set on ChinaSourcing Summit 2018 with the aim of exploring how the interconnectivity of finance and technology can bring the greatest convenience and benefits in the process of deep integration of finance and technology.


ModeratorDeloitte China


Moderator introducing the agenda and important guests

Part 1: Policy Interpretation & Trends Analyses


Policy Interpretation: The Application Trends of Regulation Technology and Financial Big Data

——Research expert in fin-tech field, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology


Trends Analysis: Macro Analysis—the New Financial Regulation Framework Promoting Opening Up

-------Xu Sitao, Chief Economist of Deloitte China

Part 2: Technology Helping Innovation of Financial Services


Keynote Speech I: Technology Driving the Digital Transformation of Banking Industry

——China Minsheng Bank


Keynote Speech II: ”Finance + Technology” Double Driving Strategy Compose New Finance

——Ping An Group/Baidu


Keynote Speech III: Technology and Efficiency Are the Core of Fin-tech

——JD Finance


Keynote Speech IV: From Data Insight to Data Discovery

——Bao Zhongtie, Chief Financial Industry Expert, Talking Data

Part 3: The Security Application of Fin-tech


Keynote Speech V: Technology Innovation Helping the Digital Transformation of Financial Industry

——Hu Liming, General Manager of Tencent Financial Cloud (TBD)


Keynote Speech VI: TBD

——Borui Data


Keynote Speech VII: TBD

——Shumeng Factury


Keynote Speech VIII: TBD

——Service Outsourcing Enterprises


Tea Break

Part 4: Panel Discussion—The Achievements and Challenges of Financial Technology in New Security Environment


ModeratorDeloitte China

Speakers- Hangzhou Bank

        - Yuzhi Technology


        - Talking Data

        - Service Outsourcing enterprises


Free Discussion

NoteAll the speakers are in the process of invitation, the agenda will be adjusted according to the practical situation.

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