Preliminary Program for Seminar on the Service Outsourcing and the Development of Digital Economy

——Digital Transformation & BuildingEcosystem of Digital Economy

Time13:30-17: 40, September 29, 2017

LocationDiamond Ballroom 3,the Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou

OrganizersChina Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

                     Hangzhou Association of Trade in International Services

                     Beijing Association of SourcingService

ObjectiveThe digital transformation has become the strategic core of manymultinational corporations in the world. The trends of digital transformationfor traditional enterprises has also become a common recognition. Serviceoutsourcing enterprises constantly improve the innovation abilities and thequality of services, helping traditional enterprises achieve the rebuilding ofthe industrial chain and build ecosystem of service outsourcing through the digitaltransformation. As the fastest-growing, the most innovative and the widespreadeconomic activity, digital economy has become the new driving force and newengine of global economic growth. The seminar on the Services Outsourcing andthe Development of Digital Economy will be especially set on ChinaSourcingSummit 2017 with the aim of building a platform of communication for thedigital transformation of enterprises.




Moderator introducing the agenda and  important guests

Speeches by Leaders


China Council for International  Investment Promotion (TBD)


ZhongMingbo, President of Hangzhou  Association of International Trade in Service

Keynote Speeches


Keynote Speech IThe Trends of Digital Transformation & New Ecosystem of  Service Outsourcing

——Wu  Lianfeng, Vice President and Principal Analyst, IDC China


Keynote Speech IIPromoting the Quality  of Import and Export Products and Improving the Level of Foreign Trade

——Yu Xuedong, Beijing  Dingjiu Information Technology Institute


Keynote Speech IIICloud Service and Big  Data of Catering Industry

——Lu Yufeng, Vice  President of 2Dfire


Keynote Speech VISmart Parking IoT  Platform

——Song  Yu, General Manager of Le Ting


Keynote Speech VThe Operation of  Digital Software Parks

——Ma  Xingwu, General Manager of Accenture (Da Lian)


Tea Break

Panel Discussion


Panel DiscussionDigital Transformation  & Building Ecosystem of Digital Economy

ModeratorWu Lianfeng, Vice President and Principal Analyst, IDC China

Speakers- Ma Xingwu, General Manager of Accenture (Da Lian)

                 - Zhang Ruohao, Hitachi

                 -Gao Yongdong, NTT Data

                 - Mu Tian Qiao Long, NEC


Free Discussion

NoteThe agenda willbe adjusted according to the practical situation.

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