CIO/CDO Eco-community (Invited Only)

——Constructing Strategic Cooperation Eco to Jointly Promote DigitalTransformation

Time: 19:00-21:00, September 28, 2017

Location:The Dragon Hotel, Hangzhou

Scale: Around 30 persons


- IT/DT Directorsof Related Government Departments

- CIOs & CDOsof Large SOEs

- CIOs & CDOsof Well-known POEs

- Delegates from Top 10 China’s Leading SPs and Top 10 Global SPs in China (attending)


- China Councilfor International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

- Gartner Inc.


At present, thetrend of digital innovation is sweeping the globe. As the representatives ofthe new technological revolution, big data, mobile Internet, Internet ofthings, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, algorithms, cognitive, gridapplication and other technologies debut. Innovation growth and digital economybecome the common concerns of all countries.

The Chinesegovernment attaches great importance to the policy and initiatives since “The13th Five-year Plan”. Innovation-driven development strategy, “the Internet+”,big data developmental program of action, “the Chinese Manufacturing 2025”, andother national strategic implementation and promotion provide an affluentpolicy soil for the digital transformation of each traditional industry.

On this basis, the meeting will be targeted to invite IT/DT directorsof related government departments, and representative CIOs and CDOs on thefields of manufacturing industry, finance, education, medical treatment andhealth, energy sources, agriculture, and logistics to attend and to deeplydiscuss how to establish strategic cooperation ecosphere, make use of newtechnology of Internet to transform the way of production rapidly, improve theproductivity, and finally achieve digital transformation through cross boundaryintegration under the age of digital economy and new industrial revolution.



          Analyst/Executive Partner, Gartner


Brief Introduction to Roundtable Agenda and VIPs


Keynote Speech


Keynote Speech I  by Government Delegate


Keynote Speech II  by SOE Delegate


Keynote Speech  III by POE Delegate


Roundtable Discussion (5 min/person)


1. How  to demonstrate the construction of digital government in the process of  balancing information security and government efficiency

2. The  priority and the interrelation of strategic transformation and technological  transformation in the process of enterprise digital transformation

3. Case  study about IT strategy transformation

-  Potential requirements for digital strategic cooperative partners

-  Challenges for the internal management reform of institution and the  innovation of operating model

-  Risk management and control

4. Crossover  integration in the process of digital transformation

5. Comparison  of advantages and disadvantages of state-owned enterprises and private  enterprises in the process of digital transformation

6. The  overall impression on Chinese domestic IT service market

Note: The agenda is subject to change.

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