ChinaSourcing Summit 2018 International Service Outsourcing Development Forum

Time: 09:00-12:15, September 27, 2018

Location: Hangzhou Hall, InterContinental Hangzhou


Adapting to Developing Trends and Gathering Innovation Elements to Explore New Era of Digital Services: New Technology, New Business Model, New Talents and New Opportunities


- Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China

- Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government


- China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)

- Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce


- China Software Industry Association

- China Association of Development Zones

- China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

- Guiding Fund for the Innovation Development of Service Trade

- China Banking Association (TBD)


- Officials from MOFCOM and other related ministries and commissions

- Delegates from service outsourcing demonstration cities and development zones

- Domestic and foreign service providers

- Domestic and foreign buyers

- Domestic and foreign industry experts

- Media

Scale: about 800 attendees

Language: Chinese and English (simultaneous interpreting)



I. Address (09:00-09:30)

Moderator: Liu Zuozhang, Executive Vice President of China Council for International Investment Promotion (CCIIP)


- Vice Minister of Commerce of PRC

- Vice Governor of Zhejiang Provincial Government

- President of CCIIP

- Deputy Mayor of Hangzhou Municipal Government

II. Keynote Speech (09:30-11:00)

Moderator: Liu Zuozhang, Executive Vice President of CCIIP


Keynote Speech I: Artificial Intelligence Launching the Future of Digital World

Speaker: Li Deyi, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering (TBD)


Keynote Speech IIIndustrial Internet—Gathering Innovative Technologies of IoT, Big Data, AI and Robot to Explore New Digital Era of Manufacturing

Speaker: Chen Yongzheng, Chairman of Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd.


Keynote Speech IIIJoining Hands with Eco Partners to Build an Interconnected Intelligent World

Speaker: Chen Liang, Vice President of Huawei China


Keynote Speech IVNew Technology, New Business Model, New Talents and New Opportunities

Speaker: Gao Wei, Vice President of ChinaSoft International Ltd.


Keynote Speech V: Capital Helping Intelligent Manufacturing

Speaker: Yu Liming, Executive Vice Manager General, CNIC Corporation Limited


Tea Break

III. High-level Dialogue (11:00-12:15)

Moderator: Jonathan Woetzel, MGI Director and Senior Partner


Guide Speech by Moderator



Key Points: Gathering Innovation Elements to Explore New Era of Digital Services

· How to use emerging technologies represented by Big Data, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Algorithms and Block Chain to lead the industrial upgrading and promote cross-border integration;

· The new market opportunities brought by new business models through new technologies;

· How to better solve the problem of supply and demand of new talents;

· Buyers and service providers how to adapt to the new situation and build eco systems through developing close cooperative partner relationship so as to realize the business growth exponentially;

· Developing service outsourcing actively and promoting service cooperation is an important part of establishing a new and open economy system in the era of digital economy, which is conducive to the promotion of global new economic growth.


· Shivendra Singh, Vice President, Global Trade Development, NASSCOM

· Hew Wee Choong, Vice President, Investment & Industry Development, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC)

· He Baohong, Director of Cloud Computing & Big Data Research Institute, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology

· Zhao Guang, Managing Partner, Global Strategic Initiative, ConsenSys

· Hu Liming, General Manager, Tencent Cloud (TBD)

NoteThe agenda will be adjusted according to the practical situation.

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