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Approved by the State Council, ChinaSourcing Summit is the only national-level summit in the field of service outsourcing sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of P. R. C. and organized by China Council for International Investment Promotion (hereinafter referred to as “CCIIP”). Since 2008, the Summit has been held 8 years successfully in Chengdu and Hangzhou,playing an active role in promoting the development of service outsourcing industry in China and publicizing the national brand of “ChinaSourcing”.

Co-sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of P. R. C. and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government, and co-organized by CCIIP and Hangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce, ChinaSourcing Summit 2018 will held on 27-28 September in Hangzhou.With the theme of “Adapting to Developing Trends and Gathering Innovation Elements to Explore New Era of Digital Services: New Technology, New Business Model, New Talents and New Opportunity”, the Summit will address how to explorenew opportunities for industrial development and promote the innovative development of China’s service outsourcing industry by grasping new developingtrends of global service outsourcing, making full use of the achievements ofthe new round of technological revolution, expanding new business model of service outsourcing and building a new platform for gathering talents.

On the basis of improving the quality of conference, ChinaSourcing Summit 2018 will expand the scale of the exhibition, and carry out networking programsfor service outsourcing and industry promotion activities so as to develop acomplementary pattern of “seminars & exhibition & business networking”,which will give full play to the two key functions of leading the trends of service outsourcing and platform building for trade and further enhance thelevel of internationalization, specialization and marketization of the Summit. Duringthe Summit, based on the different needs of buyers, service providers, serviceoutsourcing demonstrative cities and software parks, the global service outsourcing industry forum, Symposium on service outsourcing policies, Conference on Development Zone CorporateSystem Service Outsourcing Science Parks, Workshop on Guiding Fund for the Innovation Development of Service Trade, industry-oriented seminars, business networking and industry promotion activities, analyst workshop etc.

The Global Service Outsourcing Industry Forum, as the most important platform to discuss the global IT service outsourcing trends wide and deep, will invite global distinguished analysts to introduce global digital economy and the new trends of serviceoutsourcing, invite well-known economist in China to analyze the significanceof developing service outsourcing to build an open economic systems, will invite authoritative experts to analyze the driving effects of new technologies such as artificial intelligence to the innovation of business model, and invitequalified buyers and senior executives in charge of IT business from service outsourcing companies to share the new model of service cooperation.

Symposium on Service Outsourcing Policies, organized by the Department of Trade in Services and Commercial Services, MOFCOM, will plan specific forms and contents based on the progressof making new policies of service outsourcing.

Conference on Development Zone Corporate System Service Outsourcing Science Parks, organized by the Department of Foreign Investment Administration, MOFCOM, aims to innovate the management model of“software parks in the development zones” and create modern service industry cluster.

Workshop on Guiding Fund for the Innovation Development of Service Trade, organized by CCIIP and China Merchants Capital, will introduce the application scale and application materials of fund,application processes and organize financing networking program.

Industry-oriented Seminars will focus on Industrial Internet andIntelligence Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology Innovation and Application, Information Security and Intellectual Property Rights Protection, Mediumand High-end Talents, Investment and Financing of Modern Services, Sino-USCooperation, Japanese Market Oriented Outsourcing, the Building of the Belt and Road and New Markets of Service Outsourcing etc.

Business Networkingand Industry Promotion activities include networking conferences of insourcing/outsourcing programs, One-on-one Business Communication, CIO Eco-community andsmall-scale promotion activities. With the direction of digital transformation,local representative buyers will be invited in CIO Eco-community to buildservice cooperation ecological network for buyers and service providers.

Centering on the application of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, Industrial Internet, 5G, Block chain in thefield of Finance, manufacturing, agriculture, energy, Security, and healthcare, Analyst Workshop willhelp enterprises acquire the trends of new technology and business model so asto adjust the medium and long-term developing strategies in time.

The Exhibition is composed of central exhibition area and ordinary exhibition area. The central exhibition area will exhibit the developing achievements acquired by China in service outsourcing industry over the past decade; in ordinary exhibition area, the exhibition will be divided into different segments in line with geographies, emerging technologies and vertical industries and mainly presents the characteristics of Industrial Agglomerationin cities and software parks, technology application cases, industry solutions,and Core competitiveness of China’s service outsourcing industry and service capabilities of enterprises will be publicized.

During the Summit, domestic and foreign qualified buyers and leadingservice providers, well-known industry experts, and delegates from commercial departments and industry associations of service outsourcing demonstration cities and industrial parks will be invited to gather in the innovative andenergetic city of Hangzhou and embark on a journey of digital and intelligent service cooperation.

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